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Helping you nourish to flourish


Helping you nourish to flourish

Welcome your baby into the world in the most calm and gentle way possible.


Welcome your baby into the world in the most calm and gentle way possible.

What is Hypnobirthing


According to Grantly Dick Read, a renowned British Obstetrician and leading advocate of natural childbirth, pain is caused by fear and anxiety which leads to tension in the muscles which our minds then perceive as the sensation of pain. 

Hypnobirthing is a pain management technique that is taught to release this fear and anxiety before the onset of labour through focus, relaxation and visualisation techniques using breathing and positive affirmations AND with lots of practice from around the 28th week of pregnancy.

It is not a form of analgesia that is given at any given moment where the effects are felt immediately.   Likewise, it is not a technique that puts you into a trance-like state that is commonly seen with hypnosis on TV, you are fully aware of your presence and your surroundings.

By remaining calm and in control the body is allowed to labour smoothly and efficiently, working in harmony with your natural hormones and thus the natural process of labour unfolds without interruption or intervention.

What we do

Avetah Hypnobirthing Education



Avetah Hypnobirthing, based on the renowned KGHynobirthing training  programme, provides an antenatal education package that provides you with knowledge and skills empowering you to be fully in control of your labour and birth,  enabling you to enjoy the wonderful and magical experience of childbirth in a calm, gentle and most natural way.


Labour and Birth


It will :-

Dispel any pre-conceived beliefs about pain attributed to giving birth.


Teach you relaxation techniques to  release anxiety and tension.

Teach you massage techniques to release endorphins, the body's natural analgesia.

Teach you visualisation exercises and affirmations to keep you confident and positive.

the package


The Package includes;

5 X 2 Hour sessions (Group)


2 x 5 Hour Sessions (Private)

Copy of workshop notes

Hypnobirthing Book

MP3 Download and CD

RCM Positions in Labour poster

Avetah Hypnobirthing pen


Great positive, uplifting energy with like-minded others.

New Taster Session


Try a taster session for more information.



Against a full course/private booking.

KGHypnobirthing Testimonials


Personal Testimonials

'Really enjoyed the 2 days private sessions - you are very calming and the mix between your midwife knowledge and spirituality is a great combination' .  R & B

'Totally not what I expected but it has been great'.  S & D

'Paula being a midwife and answering questions - I am no longer scared - I am excited'. J & A.

'It has been a fantastic experience all the way through.  All of our anxieties have gone and we are both now so excited !'.   K & T 

'Lots of very helpful, informative advice'.  H & P.


If somebody said "you're going to give birth all over again tomorrow", I'd go skipping in there!.'

Adrienne, Mother  

"Hypnobirthing changed my life completely!  It turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life!" .  Sophia, Mother

"The thing about hypnobirthing is that it works".   Chris, Father.

About Me



Having worked as a midwife for over 15 years in the NHS across the UK, in the private sector in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE and periodically over the past two and a half years on the Isle of Man, it became apparent to me that “natural” births were seemingly becoming something of a phenomenon.

Following this startling realisation I asked myself as a highly experienced midwife - 'Why this could be and what could I do to improve this?' After all, our bodies were designed to, and have been birthing our babies for hundreds of thousands of years, beautifully, naturally and successfully. So, why are we moving further and further away from this natural process?

It dawned on me that there were lots of factors at play here which we could control; our perceptions, our feelings, our emotions and our own self confidence in the childbirth process itself.  It appeared that it was these basic elements that were creating the barriers, the obstacles and ultimately the problem.   This resonated with my own experiences in life and what I did to overcome that.  Over the past few years I have been on a spiritual journey taking up meditation, yoga and self healing. I realised that when we connect with our inner selves use our own inner guidance, we have everything we need within us to be strong enough to be who we truly are and what we want to be in life.

With this in mind I undertook the KGHypnobirthing (KGH) Course to empower women and their birthing partners and help them to claim back their faith, self confidence and belief in “natural” birthing.  KGH encompassed everything I believed in and also very importantly for me as a healthcare professional, it was an accredited course recognised by the Royal College of Midwives, a National Organisation that provides evidence-based information to guide health professionals on up to date best practice. 

I believe through education, practice and self empowerment that a gentle, natural birthing experience is achievable in a way that is perfect for you, your partner and for your baby.

Having now relocated to the Isle of Man permanently, I am embarking on this new venture – Avetah Hypnobirthing - to help you, the new parents-to-be fulfill your hopes and dreams and assist in making this birth experience the best that it can be……

Congratulations, I really hope to meet you soon.

Love and light 

Paula xxx

Who We Are

Hi, this is me , PAULA your Hypnobirthing Guru

                                                                                        Hi, IM PAULA - YOUR HYPNOBIRTHING GURU !


Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives - Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Course 


Our beautiful AVETAH cover star - CHLOE BAMFORD SMY - Age 5

Contact Me

Intimate, personalized care

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or appointment inquiries you may have.   

Although based on the Isle of Man, I commute regularly to the UK and can conduct weekend workshops either Nationally or Internationally.   Please email me for more information as prices can vary for off-Island services.

For information about classes in the south of the Island, please contact me for further details.

Avetah Hypnobirthing

Salmon Lake Centre, Waterfall Suite, Wheel Hill, Laxey, Isle of Man IM4 7NL

tel: + 44 7624 340647 email: enquiries@avetah.com

Session times

Group Sessions - £295

Wednesday + Thursday: 

4 x 2.5 hour sessions - 6.30pm-9.00pm

Private Sessions (all Island) - £425

Saturday + Sunday

2 x 5 hour sessions - By appointment 

NEW Taster Sessions - £20 

Refundable against a full booking.